What are EYEVIZZ Glasses?

EYEVIZZ glasses have been developed to help with educational and behavioural problems associated with reading difficulties. A team of professionals including experts in vision, reading problems, and colour has developed this unique technology.

The special tinted lenses are unlike standard optometric tints as the range of eleven colours, which can be used to produce many combinations, have been determined from the optimum colour results of over 4000 children.

The tinted lenses have been developed to stay almost the same colour even when the lighting is changed, making them useable in virtually any classroom environment.

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How to use the system

Position the coloured lenses in between the two frames using the built in magnets to hold them in place. Read a sample of text, which should now be more stable and clear. If not, simply repeat with other colour combinations until the optimum arrangement is found.

When the best colour has been determined it is placed between the front and back frames. It is advisable to wear them for a short period to confirm efficiency. If they stop working – simply start again! If improvements are not seen please check the questionnaire on the web site or if there are visual problems which have not been addressed please consult a specialist.

The best colour system for optical professional use is the Orthoscopics system. It is unlikely that other systems will be adequate if EYEVIZZ is not appropriate.

We regret that we cannot answer questions about individuals without seeing them. We can offer Worldwide specialist training or assessments if required.

For more information please contact us at contact@eyevizz.com